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10x Social Review + Exclusives

10X Social box cover

Hey it's Lou here, I'm, going to be doing a review of 10x social and explaining exactly what this software does now. This is a cloud-based software that sends automated messages to your fans and also to fans that comment on post.

With a special twist now I wasn't. Whenever I first heard about the software - and it said it was another - like messenger bot software - there's already been a bunch of those right. I've, already reviewed a bunch of software's.

Whenever you comment on a post it automatically replies or you can send broadcasts to people who sign up to your your fan page, but this has a special twist that makes it different from anything else. I've, seen out there where it can send video and voice messages to your fan page now. I was just on this fan page here and you can send it to your subscribers as well so say, for example, someone from a fan page following post.

This, like this artist post, hey my new track, is out comment chuzzy this guy's, name, i guess for some cool stuff. So I commented down here and then what it typically does is it will send you a message in your Facebook messenger and on your phone it says: hey: can we capture email, address? Imagine, though, whatever, instead of sending these like basic messages, he sent like a video.

Whenever i subscribed to his page, he would do a broadcast. The broadcast would be a video inside the Facebook, messenger or instead of just saying like hey. This is a new way to get your phone.

Can I get your phone number or hey peace out? Imagine if he sent something that said that has like part of his video in it part of his new track that we can, I can engage and i can watch and then I can you know, make me want to buy it instead of just like A basic text message, so everything is evolving to video right and now that includes Facebook messenger software's as well as this one.

Now it has video in it. Now it's, pretty easy to use. You're, going to connect the fan page that you want, and this can also be used for your clients that you're working with, so you can connect their pages as well and then, if you want to do, if you want to send videos just like I did here by commenting on posts, and you want to send them out to the people who comment only with a video in them.

We're going to go here to create new. Then we're, going to choose video call to action or image call to action. So the video here we're, going to upload our video and give it a title. So this would be like, my music video, give it a description and then, whenever we need to have a keyword when they comment so like say a video to see the new video coming out and then here's the message so check out a sneak peek of my new music video and then we can choose to schedule it or and have it begin to send immediately or send out whenever they comment with keyword video, so that's one way we can begin adding video to our Facebook services agency services now also, what you can do here is go down to broadcaster and send broadcast to people who subscribe to your fan page as well.

This is also good because it doesn't, come with all the restrictions that something like many chat comes with it's, a monthly service, app and they're filled with a bunch of regulations and restrictions.

It almost makes it impossible to use these days this one won't, get your page uh banned or anything like that's, not following anything um wrong. It's, just a lot easier to use more flexible, and what you can do here is go to create new and then you can choose to send a video message broadcast.

So anyone who interacted with your page, who became a fan of your page and chose to receive opt-ins from your page, you can send them a video message to them. So it's like you know, emailing your Facebook's.

Emailing your email list with a video by this time you're emailing everyone who subscribed to your fan page with a video. You can also do with a voice recording message, so they can hear you and an audio message, and then all you have to do is follow the steps here like before.

We're, going to upload from the computer or if they already have a video posted somewhere on the fan page, we can use that video by just entering the url. I'm going to enter our message here button choose what Facebook page we're gonna.

We want to be associated with going into message and then we can choose to message all fan page messengers. Then we can schedule it just like an autoresponder right so basically, this is sort of taking this next.

This is like the next evolution in Facebook marketing and Facebook agency marketing with video. Now this is launching for a pretty low early bird discount price, one time it's, not very expensive.

From what I can see when being told, and of course there will be some upgrades just so you're, aware, including, a full-blown agency license as well. You can upgrade to if you choose. If this is something that you're, doing local marketing for Facebook, or you want to get into doing marketing for local businesses to help manage their Facebook.

This is something that you can charge for, and it will also get more engagement. So thanks for reading this quick review of 10x social and I'll see you again soon.