About My Friday Freebies

My Friday Freebies is a place to provide value to its customers, we do this by not only selling the finest products, but by searching far and wide so we can give the very best free products to our loyal followers. Every Friday through Sunday we have a full lineup of 24 free products, 6 on Friday, 6 on Saturday, 6 Sunday morning and 6 Sunday evening.

The owner of this website, Lou Ransom, is a former truck driver who has always had a passion for all things computer related. He is a collector of software and enjoys passing on his finest finds. He has always enjoyed giving, and regularly gives to his favorite charity, The Shriner's Hospitals for Children. Because he enjoys giving to his favorite charity, 20% of every sale goes to the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Because of his giving nature you will find a excellent selection of free gifts every Friday through Sunday being at least $200 in value.